Sailmakers in the UK.
There are at least 12 main sailmakers in the UK. A list and brief description of these sailmakers is shown below.

Hood have been building top-quality sails for racing, cruising and classic yachts since 1952.


Hood sailmakers have been around since 1952.  They make sails suitable for cruising and racing.  They are specialists at building long lasting sails for yachts that are capable of going anywhere in the world.  Whether it is cruising worldwide or for serious shorthanded sailing they can design and make the sails.  They state that they are the only sailmakers who weave their own sailcloth.  The type of material used is polyester which has a tight weave and minimum of finishing.  Another material is Vektron which gives superior durability and longevity.


In late 2006 Hood sails teamed up with Kemp sails.  Hood sails are now operated under licence in UK by Kemp sails.  So both company’s sails are offered alongside each other.  All production, servicing and customer support are carried out from Wareham in Dorset.

Rockall sails have bee around for many years mainly concentrating on dinghies and small cruisers.  Their computer database has sail plans for traditional boats from the past.  In particular, gaff, lugsail, topsails, etc. are often produced by the company. 

Arun sails acquired Rockall sails in 1981.  They combined the two sailmaking companies and utilise latest design techniques and production technologies.  They offer high quality sails at sensible prices..

Crusader sails offer a range of sails for cruising and racing.  All their sails are strongly finished. Their most recent claim to fame is that they provided the sails for Gypsy Moth IV.  So obviously their sails need to well made to stand up to all weathers.

Jeckells sailmakers have been around for 175 years. They provide a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. There operation is run from Norfolk where they have a huge library of sail plans.


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