History of Sailmakers in the UK.
Probably the earliest sails were designed and made by the Chinese around 3,000 years BC.  These same designs can still be seen off the coast of Vietnam.  Arab sailing vessels used sails around 2,000 years BC as they traded between ports in the Persian Gulf.  In Europe, the Greeks were the earliest sailmakers as they traded around the Mediterreanan 1,200 years BC.  Sails as we know them today, started to appear around 1600 AD.  This was the time when ships were being used to explore further away from known land masses. 
In Britain, Jeckells is the world’s oldest family sailmaker, having been established in 1832, in Norfolk.  Recently they added an eighth generation family member to the workforce.  Samantha Jeckells, the managing directors daughter joined the family firm in 2008.

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